-  Z31club stickers (type-II)  -


 ・ 背景なしの抜き文字タイプステッカーです。

     Sticker has not background, it is only characters section.
     Check "THIS" out to see club sticker design.    
     There are four types of sticker size as following table.

Size A 100 x 26 (mm) 400 (yen)
Size B 140 x 38 (mm) 600 (yen)
Size C 180 x 48 (mm) 800 (yen)
Size D 280 x 75 (mm) 1,000(yen)
※上記価格の他に送料、封筒代として別途100円をいただきます。  代金は「ステッカーの合計金額 +100円」となります。
And 100yen for shipping fee is needed. So total price is going to be (Number of set you want x 2,300yen + 200yen).


Color variations  


在庫の都合上、 注文をいただいてから発送するまでに時間がかかる場合が
あります。   あらかじめご了承ください。

   There are five basic colors and  additional gold and silver, total seven 
   variations of sticker color. But We don't have a much stock of these color
   except white one. so if you order the not white color, There is possibility to
   that we need some time till you receive it. Thank you.


2011年7月現在、のみの販売となっております。 ご了承ください

  We are sorry but there are only available for gold and silver color now.

  White Not for sale
  Black Not for sale
  Red Not for sale
  Blue Not for sale
  Yellow Not for sale
  Gold for sale
  Silver for sale

Z31club URL 抜き文字ステッカーの購入を希望してくださる方は、希望するサイズタイプとそれぞれの

If you are interested in “Z31club sticker type-II”, please send us "E-Mail" and inform about your name,
mailing address and sticker type, color and number of sets you want, in the body of your message.
I'll reply to you as soon as possible for specific details. Thank you.